• The transition from law to stability in conflict resolution in China (Jonathan Benney)
  • Judicial and Extra-Judicial Practice of Conflict Resolution in the 11-13th Century Hungary (Tomáš Gábriš)
  • Extrajudicial and Judicial Conflict Resolution in the Context of International Marine Resources (Ingo Heidbrink)
  • Justice and Governance in Pakistan (Livia Holden)
  • International Law and Religious Freedom (Stefan Kroll)
  • Juridical dimensions of justice in intercultural contexts. A field of action for the legal history (Massimo Meccarelli)
  • Consensual approaches to conflict in proceedings in social welfare courts (Frank Schreiber)
  • Mediation founded in transaction analysis in the application field of organisation (Sascha Weigel)
  • Case study ‘Hollandish shippers entangled in a trial in Danzig with the Danish, Polish and Swedish kings. Trade, law and diplomacy in the 1560s’ (Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz)